THE ARTERYTM, a Eureka Springs, Arkansas not-for-profit art appreciation program, gives new meaning to urban renewal with its creation of an open-air gallery.

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Mission Statement

Masters /Apprentice / Preservation

        MASTERS / APPRENTICE / PRESERVATION a Non-profit FOUNDATION is established to aid disabled and aging artist of all types.

        There are a tremendous number of creative and talented, people that are going unnoticed and fading away into obscurity. Their lives and their work may be lost forever. They have either encountered an accident or disease that has left them disabled, or simply by age have found themselves unable to compete in today’s market. They may not be able to drive or work long hours. They may receive some sort of Social Security or Retirement but not enough to pay their utility bills and buy groceries at the same time. They may not have enough resources to hire someone to help them do the simplest of task. Or they do not have the resources time and ability to navigate the internet and computer technology. They still have their creative source from with in and the ability to produce wonderful works that may never be appreciated or sold. This creates a Need that should to be addressed and served.

        It is our Mission and Goal to help assist Artist of all types: Painters, Print Makers, Sculptors, Writers and Songwriters, Musicians and more.

        We are using imagination to create a plan and a road map of how to get from one point to another in life’s journey. We are creating a strong, viable foundation to build on and grow with time and technology. We are working to preserve artist’s lives and works by documenting them with today’s digital technology.

        Our Mission is to network with local Educational Communities and offer them a program for their students to Apprentice under established artist. They can work for these Masters and earn scholastic credits. This will give them a chance of a life time to work with and for the Masters on a one to one basis. This is a valuable resource to build their personal contacts and resumes.

        This is a time proven method that the old Masters created thousands of years ago, before there were schools, colleges and government programs. They used Apprentices / students that they trained to aid and assist them in their work. With this help they could accomplish far more than just trying to do everything by themselves. In turn a balance is created where the students learned their craft or art directly from their Masters. The Master’s creative genius and talents are used to stimulate, inspire and teach their Apprentices. They often started out sweeping floors and running errands and performing other menial task. This was a trade of time and their energy to learn the tools and techniques of their Master / teachers. It enables them to learn how to buy supplies, deal with clients and patrons to sell their art. Apprentices develop the necessary business skills in marketing and public relations. They learn to keep books and records for taxes, etc. and run a small business from the ground up.
        This program can form interactive scholastic clubs with art students, computer science, marketing students and business majors. This project also incorporates legal scholars. They are encouraged to work together and develop strategies to research and develop existing businesses and build new businesses while they earn credits and help themselves, as well as their entire communities, by helping their mentor/ Masters. This can be an inner scholastic competition as well.
        This test program of interactive student / Apprentices will be documented and recorded as a guideline or map for MAP to be passed down to other students.
        An easy to access internet website will be dedicated to this effort to establish MAP as a resource to help disabled and aging artist. This network resource will provide links to other foundations for assisted living through out the communities.
        Once the MAP Non-Profit Foundation is fully established and operational it will be operated by student / Apprentices, under the direction of the foundation administrators and guidelines.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

     It is the Mission and Goal of M.A.P. to help Artists become more independent and self sufficient. This is not a hand out...but rather a hand up.  Everyone in the community may benefit from this program.

Assisted Living Program

Help driving to: banks, groceries stores, general supplies,
Help for doctor appointments and getting pharmacy prescriptions
Help with meals
Help with cleaning and laundry
Help with household or home repairs and maintenance

Assisted Working Program

Help in cleaning their studios and doing other chores to free up the artist so they may spend their time and energy on creating work and teaching their
Help driving to: Purchase Art supplies and other items pertaining to their business.
Help driving to: Clients and galleries etc.
Help find the artist Agents to represent their works.
Help setting up shows, exhibits and running them. ,
Help getting their work to galleries and shops and other venues to sell their work.

Help in digitally photographing the artist’s works and transferring the information to digital Disc to document and preserve their work.

Help in creating and running Artist websites on the internet and linking them with other artist, artist agents, galleries and exhibitions.

Assisted Preservation Program

Help to tape record or digitally record their life stories. To collect and organize their piles of paper and notebooks and journals to make a chronological record of their life and their accomplishments, works created, shows, sales, clients list etc.

This information maybe digitally mastered and compiled into digital books, that take little capitol to produce and store. They may be down loaded for sale on the internet world wide market, or sold as digital books that may be sent out thru the post office. At later dates the information is there to transfer into printed books that may be marketed thru a publishing company and book stores world wide.

The images are also preserved in a larger format file that may be used to create markets in printing items from post cards and small posters to large sized limited edition prints. Market will also be researched in industry for any other application that may be applicable to use the artist work for  commercial and architectural purposes. Examples: such as magazine and book publication and onward to reproduction of their work on textiles or other items.
I look forward to working and collaborating with you on this exciting project, which has been a vision in my mind since I became disabled with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990. As a young artist, I received my training and education by apprenticing to and working with masters such as Arthur Boles, Louis and Elsie Freund, Glen Gant, Tommy Thomas, and others. It was and is the very best way to learn the art business. These wonderful artist and friends, I studied under have all passed on. Now I find myself as the old master and I want to help others.

Sincerely Yours,
James Yale

MAP is working in cooperation with and linked to the ARTERY, a non-profit foundation under the umbrella of the National Heritage Family’s Congressional District Program -- empowering people to help people.
The ARTERY is based in Eureka Springs Arkansas and currently represents seventy-two artists, from Arkansas and neighboring states. Several of the artists are disabled, yet still create wonderful works of art.
You may see some of their work at   and 


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